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Riding Spirit Horse

"Spirit Horse Shamanic Journey" was digitally recorded to support the listener in making shamanic journeys. As a spirit guide, Horse is a messenger to and from the spirit world and a psychopomp who leads departed souls into the afterlife. Horse represents personal power, stamina, endurance, freedom, independence, travel, adventure, and soul flight. Horse is a medicine or you could say a relationship with the spirit of Horse such that the Horse will let you (your spirit) ride him and will take you where you want to go. Do you need to get somewhere physical or spiritual? Horse will assist you and serve as your guardian spirit, giving safety in your physical and metaphysical journeys.

The shaman's horse, namely the single-headed frame drum, originated in Siberia, together with shamanism itself thousands of years ago. The repetitive, rhythmic cadence of shamanic drumming is evocative of a horse on a journey. Siberian shamans describe it as the buoyant, transcendent state that one mounts and rides from plane to plane. The wild, untamed spirit of Horse will teach you how to ride the drum into vast worlds of extraordinary richness and complexity. We can ride Spirit Horse on journeys through the inner realms of consciousness or call upon this power animal to be the courier of our prayers in remote or distant healing.

Beginning your Journey

The first seven tracks that you hear are an invocation, calling in the spiritual energies of the seven directions -- East, South, West, North, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and Center (Self). Calling in the directions embeds you in the living web of life, yielding greater awareness and perspective.

When track eight begins, focus your attention on the sound of the drum, then close your eyes and feel yourself being carried away by the sound. Once you enter a trance state, you may experience a change in body temperature, feel energy flowing through your body, or find yourself twitching or rocking. It is not uncommon to hear sounds or voices. You may see colorful patterns, symbolic images, or dreamlike visions. The key is to observe whatever happens without trying to analyze the experience.

If for any reason you want to return, just retrace your steps back. You will hear a call back signal near the end of the track, followed by a short period of heartbeat drumming to assist you in refocusing your awareness back to your physical body. Sit quietly for a few moments, and then open your eyes. To learn more, read my book The Shamanic Drum.

Spirit Horse Shamanic Journey

1. East - Eagle Whistle, Apache Shaker and Native American Flute
2. South - Rainstick and Native American Flute
3. West - Ocarina, Frame Drum, Rainstick and Native American Flute
4. North - Rainstick and Native American Flute
5. Mother Earth - Conch, Frame Drum and Turtle Rattle
6. Father Sky - Long Horn and Tibetan Bell
7. Center - Singing Bowl
8. Spirit Horse Journey - Cajon Drum
9. Call Back Signal - Frame Drum

Composer and Producer: Michael Drake

Special thanks to Prosounder for the field recording of a galloping horse.
Under Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0

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Try a Shamanic Journey

Try a Shamanic Journey

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