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"The Creator wants us to drum. He wants us to corrupt the world with drum, dance and chants. After all, we have already corrupted the world with power and greed....which hasn't gotten us anywhere - now's the time to corrupt the world with drum, dance and chants."
  --Babatunde Olatunji, Nigerian drummer, educator, social activist and recording artist.

Shamanic Drumming Circle

Indigenous cultures have been practicing community percussion for thousands of years. Now people all over the world are taking up drumming in astounding numbers. At a grass roots level, small community drum circles are springing up. While some drum circles are content to jam and make a lot of rhythmic noise, others prefer to explore shamanic drumming. To learn more, read my articles "Healing Power of the Drum Circle" and "Drum Circle Etiquette" and look inside my Shamanic Drumming Circles Guide.

A recent medical research study indicates that drumming circles boost the immune system. Led by renowned cancer expert Barry Bittman, MD, the study demonstrates that group drumming actually increases cancer-killing cells, which help the body combat cancer as well as other viruses, including AIDS. According to Dr. Bittman, "Group drumming tunes our biology, orchestrates our immunity, and enables healing to begin." Other studies have demonstrated the calming, focusing, and healing effects of group drumming on Alzheimer's patients, autistic children, emotionally disturbed teens, substance abusers, trauma patients, and prison and homeless populations. The primitive drumming circle is emerging as a significant therapeutic tool in the modern technological age.

This is a growing list of global drum circles. Contact us at talkingdrumpub@yahoo.com if you would like to submit an ongoing drum circle to this listing. If you have an interest in joining or just obtaining information, please contact a drum circle in your area:

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View the Shamanic Drumming Circles Guide

View the Shamanic Drumming Circles Guide

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