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About Holistic Healing--Learn About Holistic Therapies.

Amazon Frame Drums--Shop Amazon's Frame Drums and Percussion.

Being Enchanted--Step into the magical realm of nature.

Body, Mind, Spirit Directory--Conscious Living , Holistic Health , Spirituality and Green Resources.

Calling Crane in the Shade--A website dedicated to reviews of books on the Yijing or I Ching.

Caretaker of The Ways--This site offers events, articles, shamanic training, services, and links.

Cedar Mountain Drums--Quality drums, drum making kits and supplies.

Center for Shamanic Healing--Circle of Shamanic Healers, Teachers and Practitioners.

Circle of Tengerism--An organization dedicated to the preservation of Siberian and Mongolian shamanism.

Crowing Creations--Custom designed ceremonial rattles, smudge wands and spiritual tools.

Drum Journey--This excellent site is dedicated to drumming as a vehicle for healing and community spirit.

Drums.org--A premier Internet gateway to the hand drum community.

Drum Spirit--Spiritual drumming & chanting circles in England with teacher and recording artist, Jana Runnalls.

Erowid--Member-supported organization providing reliable information about entheogens, herbs, spirituality and spiritual practices.

Global Drum Circles--A bay area drum circle group.

Jim Greiner's Hands-On! Drumming--Drumming programs and events for groups and communities.

Nicholas Noble Wolf--A traditionally initiated shaman dedicated to the welfare of the Earth and all her peoples.

Peyman and his Tonbak--Peyman Nasehpour, Persian Percussionist.

Primal Connection Foundation--Therapeutic and Educational Drumming in Central Florida.

Rhythmweb--Surf Rhythmweb for the best on the web regarding the world of rhythm and world percussion.

Shake & Rattle--Custom hand-crafted rattles by Thomas Hood.

Shaman Drums--Hand made shaman drums, rattles, feather fans, and power jewelry.

Shaman Portal--The resource for all things shamanic.

Shamanic Circles--A nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering global shamanic community.

Shamanic Connection--Reconnect with Spirit through Shamanic practices.

Shamanista--A website that explains the basics of animism and shamanism.

Song of the Spheres--An exploration of the arts, expression, human nature, and symphony of creativity.

Southern Spirit Drums--Traditional hand crafted ceremonial and healing frame drums from New Zealand.

Spirits Songs--Shamanic practitioner and teacher Kent Dorsey.

Tachini Drums--Custom builder of authentic handcrafted Native American drums and drum related products.

Urban Shamanism--David Lang's fun and informative website explores the power of modern shamanic tools.

Veins of Silver--A site devoted to shamanism and healing.

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