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Thunder Beings Journey Drumming

by Michael Drake

This unique shamanic drumming CD presents four rhythm archetypes from the I Ching for practical journey work. The four drumming tracks contain the archetypal rhythms of the Thunder Beings: thunder, lightning, wind, and rain. Each track has 15 minutes of uninterrupted solo drumming with callback, providing a means of exploring and developing the inner self. We can journey within to access information and energies that can help awaken us and restore us to wholeness. Entraining to these primordial rhythms, we experience them directly and discover our rhythmic interconnections. Through the integration of these rhythmic patterns, we reconnect to our core, enhancing our sense of empowerment and creative expression. Recorded with a 22-inch single-headed, elk hide, cedar frame drum pulsed at three to four beats per second. Researchers have found that if a tempo of 3 to 4 beats per second is sustained for at least 15 minutes, most people can journey successfully even on their first attempt.

In virtually all traditions across the globe it is the Thunder Beings who govern nature and all life. They sustain balanced life, and destroy imbalance, the cause of suffering. They travel in the clouds and lightning and speak through the thunder. We can relate to them in storms and nature, but primarily we must seek them within. The drum can help us immeasurably in this quest. The drum personifies the creative spirit and energy of the Thunder Beings. The drum, like the Thunder Beings, is a catalyst that unites masculine and feminine energies, generating life force or chi. It quickens us with the energy needed to revitalize ourselves and grow. The drum is a safe and powerful vehicle for traversing the inner world, which is a microcosm of the outer world.

Track 1 - Thunder 16:09.
Track 2 - Lightning 16:35.
Track 3 - Wind 16:14.
Track 4 - Rain 16:19.

Listen to a sample from Thunder Beings Journey Drumming

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Buy Thunder Beings Journey Drumming CD at Thunder Beings Journey Drumming, audio CD, 64 minutes, $12.99.


"Truly Wonderful. A Magnificent tool that easily guides the listener into the presence of the Holy Thunder beings providing healing and the means to enter into deep states of meditation. Also have found that it brings a purifying energy to my home. Bravo!"
  --Kanti Amazon Reviews


An Introduction to the Thunder-beings

Copyright © 2000 by Samudranath

Excerpt from Cities of Lightning, the first full and accurate presentation on the mystical revelation and Tantra of the Thunder-beings in the Oriental traditions. The Thunder-Beings are the Lords and Mothers of Enlightenment. The essence of the Oriental traditions is the experience of enlightenment, of perfect tranquility and bliss. This experience is fully attained through the Thunder-Beings, through their clear-light blessings, and through their power and wisdom.

Quite often when people hear about the Thunder-beings it is in the context of shamanic traditions, the traditions of indigenous peoples who supplicated Deities of the Storm to sustain their crops, to bring beneficial rains and avert harmful storms, to heal and drive away negative forces. Since beginningless time people have worshiped Thunder-beings. The early cultures were initiated by Thunder-beings, and their belief systems were established by Thunder-beings. Thunder-beings created the universe, the world and all life; they gave people food, shelter, fire, the first language, law, wisdom, the arts, spiritual sciences, and all knowledge. They cared for the people as parents care for their children. And the people worshiped them with jeweled hearts, as Father-Mother, as creator, sustainer and destroyer, not through primitive rites, but in simple yet sophisticated and Holy ways.

The Thunder-beings are behind all pure religious transmission, both ancient and new. If you look into the worlds religious traditions, if you look into their origins, you will discover that the tradition, the view or set of beliefs about the universe, spirit, nature, life, etc., come from Thunder-beings. We know this because tradition relates it, that Omniscient Wisdom-beings taught the early people, either directly or in profound dreams and mystical visions of thunder and lightning.

The God of virtually all God-centered traditions across the globe is a Thunder-being, or multiple Thunder-beings. It is a universal belief that the God and Goddess, the Omniscient Wisdom-beings who stand as the Crown Jewel of all wisdom-traditions, are Thunder-beings. Their theophany or mystical visitation is universally one of storm-display. This means not only that he-she functions this way in the atmosphere, but that everything they do, all activity, manifestation, revelation, has Wisdom-thunder-power behind it. It means that all people are related to Thunder-beings, that the most sacred beliefs of all traditions come from the hearts of Thunder-beings. If we pray to them we might experience the truth of this as perfected masters of the past did, we might prove the existence of sublime Wisdom-beings for ourself. They are invisible, yet out of compassion they reveal themselves; everyone can experience them in nature; they are manifest in the storms, lightning, rainbows, in the stars, the sky, stones, oceans, animals, people, and elements. We live with them. We participate in their majestic dance or play. They are within the body-mind-heart of all beings. They manifest as creative thoughts. We know them through love within our hearts. They are our inherent perfection, our pure positive qualities and activities, our health and harmony. Know this is how close Thunder-beings are to us. Because they are within our mind we might experience them directly and instantaneously, like lightning, to receive guidance, inspiration, insight, wisdom, love - to help self and others.

They are perfect and free of suffering; there is no more sublime Source of Refuge. Because they are fully within our mind we can attain the same state free of suffering. We can achieve this while on earth in this body. In fact in Oriental traditions, this body is imperative, this life is taken to provide a means of attaining the highest wisdom and perfection. Thunder-beings have provided the perfect means to attain perfection for all beings.

The Thunder-beings are a related family of divine beings who bring about weather changes such as wind, rain, thunder, lightning, snow, mist, hail. With their mind they control the hot and cold elements, or you could say positive and negative charges, to cause all weather changes, and to control the universe and minds of all beings. Through their power abiding in the atmosphere they nourish the earth and protect the people. The Thunder-beings sustain the life on earth. Thunder-beings use water and wind to cleanse the earth's surface. They penetrate to cleanse the soil through lightning, and in winter send down a glorious electric blanket after the whiteness of the Absolute, to totally neutralize the harmful causes of disease. They make the earth pliant and fresh, suitable for spontaneous gentle life explosion and balanced transformation. Growth is radiance, the flow of divine iridescence. Thunders have been worshiped since ancient times as inseparable from the earth, as Lords and Mothers of fertility. Through lightning they cause rain. Rain nourishes all beings. It recycles polluted waters by purifying them in the charged clouds. Through lightning they directly purify or enlighten the air we breathe, water we drink, the earth we cultivate. The electricity purifies the domain of all beings, invisible and visible. Indirectly Thunder-beings put nitrates in the soil; the lightning burns the air, the burnt air falls in the rain to assist in plant growth. The electricity of lightning touching down is a vitality which helps the seeds and plants to grow and which destroys harmful influences, such as diseases that choke off life. The lightning also provides ozone which keeps the ozone layer from dissolving due to human endeavors. In the ancient tradition of India, called Sanatan Dharma, this life-force was called pranas or "breaths" and is the living essence of lightning. Through the lightning all life has been initiated or created, is sustained, and will be destroyed. In all traditions it is Thunder-beings who govern nature and all life; they are the creators. They sustain balanced life, and destroy imbalance, the cause of suffering.

Even though there is great noise and seeming chaos, destructive rage in storms, in truth this is merely a means of ushering in peace, of clearing great obstructions. Because there are strong obstructions to peace in the world, there need to be stronger means to destroy or clear those obstructions. (This is why Thunder-beings appear fierce and wrathful). Everything Thunder-beings do has the effect of bringing about peace. Because so many beings are ignorant, have made poor choices, there is much turmoil in the world. Thunder-beings are perfect and beyond suffering, nature is their manifestation; it is quite beautiful and harmonious. Where there is calamity, the cause is poor human activity, such as war and pollution. Nature is controlled by Thunder-beings through wisdom and love, through Enlightened Minds. It is tranquil and ebullient within, the Spirit shines through it. On the surface it is impermanent, and therefore suffering. In its heart, in the heart of all things, it is beyond suffering. This is our potential. The Spirit shines through us, works on us by working through us, blesses us by working through us. Through a clear mind it works to establish peace and harmony in the world. It works through our compassionate endeavor. We merely have to choose it. If we choose it, to help others, to live for others, to make others happy, and if we abstain from harming others, there will be true lasting peace on earth. There is little peace on earth because there is little peace in our hearts. In order to establish it we must work for it diligently, through meditating, and through compassionate activity. Meditating increases our wisdom or insight, our capacity to be of true help to others. Wisdom is the light of the Thunder-beings shining through our heart.

Samudranath is a Tantric adept, student, and teacher of the three Oriental traditions, Buddha Dharma, Sanatan Dharma, and Taoism, and has done extensive research on these three traditions. His root gurus are Guru Padmasambhava, Lord Shiva Megharaj, and Venerable Lei Kung, the Wisdom-sources of the three Oriental traditions. Samudranath received profound instruction in dreams and pure vision, and was asked to write Cities of Lightning as a vehicle for the wisdom of the Thunder-Beings. Samudranath is a Thunder-specialist who gives instruction in Sanatan Dharma and Shaivite practices to individuals and small groups. He is a pujari (priest) and student of Haidhakan lineage under the tutelage of Mahavatar Sambasadashiv 1008 Haidhakan Wale Babaji. He is also an adept of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

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