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What are Binaural Beats?

Until recently, only those who practiced ancient meditative disciplines could enter transcendent states of awareness. Now there is an easier pathway called binaural technology. Researcher H.W. Dove discovered that when two pure tones close in frequency are presented, one to each ear, the brain detects the difference between them as a third frequency. The two hemispheres of the brain entrain to this binaural beat rather than the audible tones. For example, a 90 Hz tone and 95 Hz tone will induce a 5 Hz theta brainwave cycle.

Theta activity reflects the dreamlike state between wakefulness and sleep. Theta rhythms are associated with meditation and shamanic states of consciousness. Theta increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress, and awakens intuition. Binaural beats can induce profoundly deep altered states within minutes. All you need is a pair of stereo headphones and a comfortable chair. The recording does the rest.

The Carrier Tones

The audible tone, or carrier frequency, also influences consciousness. The carrier tone must be a pure sine wave. If this tone is complex, like a drum or musical instrument, the target binaural beat frequency will be corrupted. You should hear a continuous tone when listening to left and right channel separately, and a pulsating sound when listening with headphones. Carrier tones for the journeys on this CD are 136.10 Hz (C#) and 172.06 Hz (F). According to Swiss scientist Hans Cousto, 136.10 Hz corresponds to OM, the primal sound from which the universe constantly emanates. This tone relieves stress, opens blocked energy pathways, and restores inner peace. 172.06 Hz corresponds to Kung, the fundamental tone in ancient China for attuning to Tao, the force that guides everything in the universe. This tone supports cheerfulness, clarity of spirit, and cosmic unity on the highest levels.

Each journey on this CD ends with a callback and has a binaural beat of 4.5 Hz, the theta rhythm associated with the deepest states of shamanic consciousness. 30 minute journeys are split into two tracks for your convenience. You can select the first track for a 30 minute journey or the second track for a 15 minute journey. To learn more read Binaural Beats for Shamanic Journeying. Headphones required.

Pure theta brainwave entrainment tones for shamanic journeying:

1. 30 minute Theta OM
2. 15 minute Theta OM
3. 30 minute Theta Kung
4. 15 minute Theta Kung

Listen to a Sample of Binaural Beats

If your browser does not support native audio, you can download this MP3 to listen on your device.

Sample and Download at CD Baby--Binaural Beats for the Shamanic Journey, mp3, 140 MB, $1.99.

Sample and Download at iTunes--Binaural Beats for the Shamanic Journey, mp3 , 140 MB, $5.99.

Buy CD at Amazon--Binaural Beats for the Shamanic Journey, audio CD, 62 min, $12.99.

"I like this CD it's to the point, not a lot of other crap - just Theta. I am still new to using it, but I can say it's very relaxing. I use it when I walk and it doesn't block my regular hearing. Make sure you use headphones for maximum benefit. All in all, very good."
  --Amazon Customer Reviews

"Good beats, with two major variations. It's good for relaxation and meditation. I recommend it."
  --iTunes Customer Reviews

"Good choice of soothing tones: Theta OM and Theta Kung. Using this binaural beat album, everyone can easily achieve a very deep, relaxed state of consciousness. Recommended to anyone seeking to reduce stress, expand their consciousness and experience the Shamanic Flight of the Soul."
  --iTunes Customer Reviews

"Precise, consistent theta waves for journeying and as Drs. Elmer and Alyce Green of the Menninger Foundation first reported in the 1970's, inducing theta brain activity daily over a period of time has enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system, enhancing creativity, and facilitating integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being."
  --Elisia Webb, Lulu Reviews

Try a Shamanic Journey

Try a Shamanic Journey

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