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Indigenous shamanic peoples of diverse cultures have gathered in community drumming circles for thousands of years. Although most of us did not grow up in an indigenous shamanic tradition, we can still tap into the healing power of shamanic drumming. Drawing upon twenty-five years of experience, shamanic practitioner Michael Drake has written a step-by-step guide to shamanic circling. In Shamanic Drumming Circles Guide, Drake offers some guidelines for anyone considering forming a shamanic drumming circle. The guidelines are also meant to help established drumming circles go deeper and become more effective. For anyone searching for a drumming circle, this guide can help you find the right circle for you. See our list of Global Drum Circles to find a drum circle in your area.

A shamanic drumming circle is a place for practitioners to get together for learning, healing, and the direct revelation of spiritual guidance. A drumming circle provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level, and also to connect with a group of other like-minded people. In a society in which traditional family and community-based systems of support have become increasingly fragmented, drumming circles provide a sense of connectedness with others and interpersonal support. Shamanic drumming circles serve many functions. Foremost among them are:

1. Providing a consistent, safe and supportive space to practice shamanism;
2. Deepening the participants' relationships with their helping spirits through shamanic practice;
3. Providing help, healing and support for individuals and for the community;
4. Building and strengthening shamanic community;
5. Developing key drum skills such as rhythmicity, ensemble playing and therapeutic drumming;
6. Acquiring shamanic knowledge through collaborative sharing and from helping spirits through direct revelation.

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