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Power Animal Drumming: Calling the Spirits

by Michael Drake

Some are so skilled at drumming, they can duplicate the rhythms of various animals. This is used to facilitate a shapeshifting, an aligning with the archetypal forces represented by the animal.
--Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

Power animal drumming is a shamanic way to evoke and internalize animal archetypes. An animal archetype represents the spirit and attributes of the entire species of that animal. Shamanism is the endeavor to cultivate ongoing relationships with power animals to gain insight, healing methods, and other vital information that can benefit the community. When an animal spirit is invoked, there is often an accompanying rhythm that comes through. Shamans frequently use these unique rhythms to summon their helping spirits for the work at hand. The spirit calling rhythms on this CD evolved over many years through me and fellow shamanic circle drummers as gifts from our animal relations to all who seek the oneness of everything. Evocative drum rhythms, rattles, flutes, didgeridoos, animal calls, nature sounds, and synthesizers connect you with the collective strength and wisdom of power animals. To learn more read Power Animal Drumming and Power Animal Attributes. Headphones Recommended.

Album tracks: Turtle Shaker, Mourning Dove Dawn, Eagle Rising, Crow Heyoka, Osprey Guardian, Flicker Drummer, Badger Medicine, Grouse Drumming, Salmon Run, Elk Autumn, Polar Bear Prayer, Jaguar Night, Frog Rain Chant, Red Deer Shaman, Owl Vision, Elephant Dreamtime.

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Sample and Download from CD Baby--Power Animal Drumming, mp3, 45 min. Album: $6.99. Individual tracks: $.99 each. Sample and download individual tracks or the entire album.

Sample and Download from iTunes--Power Animal Drumming, mp3, 45 min. Album: $7.99. Individual tracks: $.99 each. Sample and download individual tracks or the entire album.

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Buy the CD from Amazon--Power Animal Drumming, audio CD, 45 min, $12.99.

"Well done! Some really nice tracks with excellent stereo field."
  --Lawrence M. Barker, Audio Field Recorder

"Sweet Medicine Music! I highly recommend this therapeutic recording. The healing rhythms resonate deep within and stimulate the release of unexpressed feelings and emotions. The music has wonderful transportive qualities; resounding drums and plaintive flutes lull one into a dreamy spirit flight. Many tracks can be looped for continuous play for extended meditation or journeying. I recommend headphones for the richest listening experience. Well done Michael Drake!" 5 Stars.
   --iTunes Reviews

"A healing shamanic journey reminiscent of David & Steve Gordon's Sacred Earth Drums." 5 Stars.
  --iTunes Reviews

"Love this music! Thanks for the great packaging and I will play this CD whenever calling my spirits for advice. It is full of powerful drum beats and brings out calm and relaxation." 5.0 out of 5 stars.
  --Candy O'Donnell Amazon Reviews

"Very good instructional CD. Easy to follow. I definitely recommend this CD to anyone wanting to learn shamanic drumming. Calling the spirits is easy to learn from this CD." 5.0 out of 5 Stars.
  --Barbara Shinton Amazon Reviews

"I love any drum music. Michael Drake kept my attention throughout and I truly loved the entire CD. I can't wait till the next CD is offered. Thanks Michael D. Thanks Amazon." 5.0 out of 5 Stars.
  -- Sharon Davenport Amazon Reviews

"Listening, "Turtle Shaker" has me 'air shaking/rattling' my empty hands. Spirit-filled, I slowly circle the hearth room of my home. Then come mourning doves calling. Now I am walking through cottonwood leaves among the elder trees beside salmon stream. Eagle beat lifts me up and carries me high above the Earth, soaring, seeing. And on the drum beats go--even as they call in these power animal spirits, these guides and protectors of my spirit, I am transported to other realms where my heart is gladdened and my spirit at peace and enlivened, refreshed. As the drum beats roll on, cultures call to me from around the globe, "We are One;" Michael's gift to all of us. My heart is filled with joy anew, reconnected to my roots. My deepest gratitude goes to you Michael."
  --Kathleen Simpson Myron Amazon Reviews

Special thanks to the following artists for their contributions to this CD.
Jade Wah'oo Grigori for Eagle Beat
Elisia Drake for Jaguar Beat
Cindy Dolan for Deer, Elephant, and Grouse Beats
Kathleen Myron for Badger, Elk and Flicker Beats

Musicians of freesound.org:
Under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:
Kerri Lake on Native American Flute for "Flute Dance" on Turtle Shaker, "Catalpa Flute" on Badger Medicine, "Haunted Canyon Flute" on Polar Bear Prayer, "Rainbow Flute" on Elephant Dreamtime, "Eagle Feather" on Eagle Rising, and "Overblow Echo" on Osprey Guardian.
Anton Woldhek on Didgeridoo for "Drone Key-D" on Salmon Run
James Meier on Synthesizer for "Cricket Drone" on Jaguar Night
Misha Lepetic of sampleswap.org on Synthesizer for "Gurgler-Setting-1" on Elephant Dreamtime

Audio Field Recorders of freesound.org:
Under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license:
Lawrence M. Barker for "The Countryside Wakes Up" on Mourning Dove Dawn
Luftrum for "Ocean Waves Crushing" on Turtle Shaker
OYEZ! for "Crickets" on Elk Autumn
Acclivity for "Rushing Stream" on Osprey Guardian
Mystiscool for "Stream2" on Salmon Run
Stichting Klankschap for: "Distant Thunder" on Red Deer Shaman

Cover Art: A Creative Commons licensed derivative of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska Seal.

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