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What is Shamanic Journey Drumming?

Shamanic journey drumming is drumming for the purpose of inducing a range of ecstatic trance states in order to connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. Transported by the driving beat of the drum; the shamanic traveler journeys to the inner planes of consciousness and back. A good journey drumming recording should be pulsed at around three to four beats per second. At this cadence a drum creates wonderful harmonics. Harmonics are the common characteristic in many sounds used for journeying: throat-singing, berimbau, singing bowls, and didgeridoo. You can experiment with different harmonic sounds and instruments to journey to. Out in nature I have journeyed at different times listening to the sounds of cicadas, crickets, croaking frogs, waterfalls, and so on. Although other sounds can be used for journeying, drumming seems to be the one most often used throughout the world.

My CD, "Shamanic Journey Drumming," was digitally recorded to support the listener in making shamanic journeys. The spirit journey is a time-honored shamanic method of inner consultation. Step-by-step instructions for making shamanic journeys are explained in my book, The Shamanic Drum. The harmonic overtones and undertones on this recording were produced by a 22-inch single-headed, elk hide, cedar frame drum pulsed at four-beats-per-second. This tempo induces a theta wave cycle in the brain. Theta rhythms are associated with the deepest states of shamanic consciousness. Researchers have found that if a tempo of four-beats-per-second is sustained for at least 15 minutes, most people can journey successfully even on their first attempt. To learn more read Shamanic Journeying.

To support your journey you can choose from three different tracks:

1. 15 minute solo drumming with callback
2. 15 minute solo drumming with rattle and callback
3. 30 minute solo drumming with callback

Sample and Download at CD Baby--Shamanic Journey Drumming, mp3 download, 64 min., $6.99.

Sample and Download at Amazon--mp3 download, 64 min., $7.99.

Sample and Download at iTunes--mp3 download, 64 min., $9.99.

Buy the CD at Amazon--Shamanic Journey Drumming, audio CD, 64 minutes, $12.99.

Listen to a sample from Shamanic Journey Drumming

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"This is the perfect album for journeying. The beats are simple and deep as is needed to successfully journey. Just as necessary are the call backs. Thank you Michael Drake. Just what I needed." 5 Stars.
  --iTunes Reviews

"I first heard Michael's shamanic drumming in 1993 at the Earth and Spirit conference in Portland, Oregon. His drumming had a hypnotic, trance-inducing effect on the audience. His CD entitled Shamanic Journey Drumming is equally powerful and can be used for both individual and group shamanic experiences."
  --Martin Gray, anthropologist, photographer, and author of Sacred Earth

"This is a very well done, easy to use sound guide to a shamanic journey. It consists of nothing but drumming or drumming with a rattle and a call back for each session." 5 Stars.
  --M. Garrison Amazon Reviews

"Nice album. The sound quality is deep and resonant, with a mixture of solo drumming and solo drumming with a rattle accompanying."
  --iTunes Reviews

"I highly recommend this album to anyone interested in shamanic journeying. The driving beat, rich acoustics and overtone harmonics readily induce the altered states necessary for making shamanic journeys. The companion book The Shamanic Drum is also recommended reading." 5 Stars.
  --iTunes Reviews

"Wow, I purchased this album and since then I have explored journeying. This album was great through my Qc3 headphones, but when I played it through my JBL 6" studio monitors in my home studio, WOW!!! THE TONE!! After 7 min I had to stop it. The fullness and vibrations were overwhelming. Well done Michael Drake!!!" 5 Stars.
  --iTunes Reviews

"Nice drumming sound file; exactly what I was looking for to assist in journeying. Easy to download and put in iTunes. Thank you!" 5 Stars.
  --Nina M Holmstrom Amazon Reviews

"Listen and fly! Or just drum along with Michael Drake. Seriously a great way to meditate! Love it! Some people can actually "journey" while listening for the first time. Try it!" 5 Stars.
  --Amazon Customer Review

"Well done! Great sound quality, easy to listen to. I have been listening to it on my daily meditation and it really helps. The drum beats are fantastic. Thank you for sharing." 5 Stars.
  --Amazon Customer Review

"A real Zing! I love the infusion of the drum and the rattle combined- VERY POWERFUL! The call back is different than the Michael Harner drumming c.d. but that is ok- it got my attention. Love, love, love this!" 5 Stars.
  --Amazon Customer Review

"A Great set of tracks. I recently took a Shamanic class and wanted to continue doing the journeying. I got this track as I'm not good enough to keep the drumming rhythmic. Also, once I start journeying I can't keep drumming. I use it with noise canceling headsets." 5 Stars.
  --Amazon Customer Review

"No gimmicks, just hypnotic unchanging rhythms that don't get in the way of journeying. . way better than Michael Harner" 5 Stars.
  --Amazon Customer Review

Try a Shamanic Journey

Try a Shamanic Journey

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